person working on adobe creative suite

A Breakdown of Adobe Creative Cloud

The most used programs for visual and graphic designers are a part of Adobe Creative Cloud. This umbrella of programs allows designers to create astounding visuals, graphics, videos, gifs, and much more. Programs withing Adobe Creative Cloud are abundant, all with different functions, and it can make using the programs confusing. Here is a breakdown of some of the most popular programs within Adobe Creative Cloud, their capabilities, and how they are used best. 


Adobe Illustrator


Illustrator is Adobe’s most used program for graphic and visual designers. This program gives artists and digital designers the vastest amount of capabilities to create personalized designs. Whether a designer is creating a logo, a brand design, playing with typography, or even messing around, Illustrator is the program that allows them to expand their horizons. 


The capabilities for designing and creating on Illustrator are endless, and it is a canvas for a designer or an artist to create a masterpiece entirely from scratch. The most simple step is picking up the virtual pen and getting your hands dirty. The opportunities and design capabilities of Illustrator are seemingly endless.    


Adobe InDesign


You can use Adobe InDesign for creating visual presentations. Although this program will not get you far in terms of editing and designing, the program is for presentation visuals such as slideshows, image galleries, brochures, magazines, brand guidelines, posters, and just about any visual you can name.


Once you enter your desired dimensions, InDesign makes it easy for users to design and layout a presentation. There are margin guidelines and place holders to put images, graphics, and text to create an aesthetic arrangement that best aligns with the vision of the designer. InDesign is a best friend to presentation designers and publishers worldwide. 


Adobe Photoshop      


This program is probably the most well-known and well-versed for people that do not know a lot about Adobe Creative Cloud. Photoshop is known for morphing and reforming images to look entirely different than it did from the start. The overall purpose of Photoshop is to act as an editor for pictures, whether you want to morph images together, create a new background, add text, or create an entirely new design. 


Visual and graphic designers should refrain from creating images, logos, branding materials, etc. on Photoshop because there are programs better suited for that use. One of the biggest problems that come with Photoshop is morphing images, specifically for photos of people, that emphasize unrealistic expectations. The terminology for this type of editing is called “Photoshopping”. This form of editing has taken on the purpose of the Photoshop program because of how well you can edit images.


Adobe Premiere Pro


If you are looking to transform a video and drop a few jaws, Adobe’s program, Premiere Pro, is the right program to use. Although this program is highly complicated, it allows the user to create some of the most breathtaking videos. Premiere Pro is used heavily by the YouTube community because of its capabilities to edit and add effects, images, text, and the ability to morph videos together. 


When using Premiere Pro, it is recommended you play around on it to get the hang of how it works, but once you understand where everything lives and how to use the editing tools, it will become your most used video editing program.   


In the grand scheme of Adobe Creative Cloud, there is nearly a program for any medium, whether it is designing, creating, or editing. These four programs are the most used by digital designers across the board and are the most popular for their ability to make creations come to life.