a womens owned office space with pink accents.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Clutch

Before checking out this blog post, have you heard of Clutch? We’re not talking about the part of a car or the term but Clutch Creative Talent. If you’ve heard of us before, welcome back to the regularly scheduled programming. If you are new here, welcome, and thank you for joining us. At Clutch, we specialize in matching creative advertising and marketing professionals with agency and in-house clients. Here are five facts about us you probably don’t know (and if you do, you’re doing the most).


We are a three-year-old small business


Created in 2018 by the owner and founder, Ginger Kochmer, Clutch was founded to help businesses and professionals in the industry find new jobs. As the President of TCG for over 12 years and the former President of the Philly Ad Club, Ginger took her knowledge and skills to start her own staffing business.  


 What makes Clutch different from other staffing agencies is its boutique size and the reflection of the business. A boutique business gives Clutch the leverage to make deeper connections with both clients and candidates. The business model from the mission, branding, and office interior design, reflects the creativity Ginger wants to harness internally and through Clutch’s work.  


A Women’s Owned Certified Business


As of August 2019, Clutch is proud to be a Women’s Owned Certified Business. This certification allows Clutch to partner in diversity, equality, and inclusion with over 350 women-owned businesses throughout the nation. There are over 13 million women-owned businesses in the U.S., and Clutch is proud to be a contributor. 



Winner of Philly’s Best Places to Work 2021


One of the most recent accomplishments that Clutch received is being the best place to work in 2021, winning the micro-business category for this award. As a new and small business, we pride ourselves as a company that cares about its employees and make sure that is known. A few benefits that Clutch has to offer are: unlimited PTO, flexible remote work options, paid lunch, annual retreat, birthday and anniversary celebrations, and company merch. 


Clutch has connections nationwide


Although our headquarters are in Philadelphia, Clutch has connections all over the country. As remote options have become a new norm, we have been able to find the perfect opportunity for clients and candidates from all different states. Clutch has partners in NYC, Boston, Detroit, Chicago, Austin, San Francisco, LA, and Toronto. Being a boutique agency has nothing on long-term connections! 


Staff over 140 positions


Clutch has a niche in the creative advertising and marketing field, but we staff over 140 creative positions. A few positions we staff are Account Managers, Art Director, Business Development Specialist, Copywriter, Creative Director, Digital Marketing Specialist, Front-End Developer, Graphic Designer, Project Manager, UX/UI Designers. 


If you are looking to fill a creative position or a creative looking for a new opportunity, you landed on the right page. We would love to help you in your job search and help you find the perfect match.