A marketing team sitting around a laptop working on brand strategy.

4 Marketing Trends for Brands in 2021

As the new year is approaching, brands are deciding what their brand will look like for 2021. The coronavirus pandemic of 2020 was entirely unexpected, causing brands to shift their focus. The plans that brands had for this year were indefinitely pushed off into the new year, or they had to start from scratch given the circumstances. Brands now have more time to focus on the direction, design, and message of the content and products they produce. Here are some of the top trends that we think will be relevant throughout 2021. 




One of the biggest trends that continues to rise and will continue its popularity throughout the new year will be sustainability. As the days go on, contributions to sustainability rise at the state of the world continues to worsen.


Throughout the pandemic, plenty of brands changed their products and design to be more sustainable. Whether that’s having packaging that can be recyclable or reusable, choosing to get rid of express shipping to save energy, or pledging money towards a sustainable cause, brands are continuously making the change. 


Audiences and customers will trust the credibility of a brand if they commit to being more sustainable. The customers will have more loyalty to the brand for being pro-active about the inevitable climate change, and they will continue to use the brand and be more likely to recommend it to others. 




A noteworthy way brands had to adjust to the pandemic was their honest to their consumers. No one knew what was going to happen as we were in lockdown, and the virus was spreading. One of the most significant ways brands were able to build their loyalty was through being honest with their audiences. 


People were spending less money and saving more because they weren’t sure where their money was going or if they would have a job at the end of the year. Brands kept their customers close to home by being loyal and transparent about what was happening internally and externally. 


This next year will see a spike in brands speaking their truth because it is what worked so well to keep their customers in a time of uncertainty. A vaccine has only begun to distribute, and who knows when we will be able to go back to our normal lives, so it is pretty telling that brands will continue to use this marketing tactic. 




2020 was one of the most challenging year for millions of people in America and for people around the globe. No one knew what was going to happen once we were put into lockdown. Stock markets started to crash, toilet paper was gone from shelves entirely, and people were drawn to dark places of doubt, uncertainty, and depression. 


This year wasn’t easy for anyone (unless you were Jeff Bezos making billions off of the pandemic), and brands took it upon themselves to present a positive, new leaf to their consumers. Brands and companies did not know what was to come, but as the light was shining at the end of the tunnel for 2020, brands gained the confidence to radiate optimism. The more certain brands were that things were going to get better, the more consumers believed in them and their values.


There are still high levels of uncertainty as we approach 2021, so it is a guarantee that brands will do whatever they can to spread positivity. The happier they are, the happier their customers are, and the more likely their customers are to purchase their products and stay loyal.


Sense of community


Americans live in an individualistic culture. We are mostly only concerned with ourselves when it comes to; finding food and shelter, taking care of ourselves, our jobs, and our way of life. Instead of seeing others as a part of our community, we look at them as competition. The pandemic of 2020 was a testament to our way of life, and it shifted, at least for a while. Instead of turning others away, we were welcoming them into comfort and safety. 


Instead of being a consumer, brands wanted them to feel at home and safe within the brand. Many brands referred to their audience as their family, and for many, this worked to increase customer loyalty. As 2021 approaches and facing a new year with new challenges, brands will continue to bring their audience to together.


Overall, trends for the new year can always change based on the circumstances and what is in demand. Marketing professionals were forced to think on their feet and find a way to keep their customers happy during the pandemic. As we continue to face this virus head-on, brands will continue to use these marketing tactics in the new year.