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3 Signs It’s Time to Look for A New Job

They say if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life. That statement may reign true, but then it can be hard to recognize when to move on. The job market is tricky; you don’t want to skip around too much because you will not seem loyal and consistent, but you don’t want to stay in a position for too long because you will lack variations of skills and growth. There is no correct answer, but here are three signs to look out for when you think it is time for you to look for a new job.


Limited growth


As a professional in your career, you probably have a set goal for yourself. Whether that’s to move up in your position now or become the head of your department one day, you can’t achieve that without the ability to grow.


Especially with in-house positions, it can be hard to experience growth because there is a limited advertising/marketing team and chances are your superiors have worked there for years and will hold onto the position as long as possible. This is not the case with all in-house jobs, but it is more likely to grow in an agency when they have a higher demand for your work.


It does not have to be immediate, but when you feel that you deserve a promotion, but there isn’t a position available, question if moving on to a new company is the right decision for you. 


Communication issues


One of the most frustrating parts of working on a team is communicating efficiently and effectively. Whether you feel your coworker is not communicating effectively or your communication skills aren’t delivering properly, take that as a sign to reflect if it’s time for you to move on to new opportunities.


Communication issues will inevitably arise when working on a team, but you should consider the quantity and severity and move on. Whether that’s taking the blame for things that aren’t your fault, the client not receiving what they asked for, or if you feel your wants/needs are ignored, it probably is time to consider other roles. 


With any relationship, communication is the key. Considering the amount of time you spend per day and per week working, proper communication is necessary.


Feeling Stuck


Feelings of being stuck in a role can closely relate to limited growth, but it is more of a reflection about what you are getting out of this position and how it will help you as a professional. If a company you are working for has limited resources or limited work for you to complete, it is common for you to question your worth to the company.


Working is a two-way street, you’re giving your time and energy to a company/client, and in return, you are gaining experience and making a living. If you feel the company is not giving you the proper resources to excel,  you should reflect if it is time to find a new opportunity that will transcend your career. 


That being said, communicating your feelings of being stuck can help alleviate limited resources and feelings of frustration, but it most likely will not fix the problem. Put yourself in a position where you are happy, and your career can flourish.


Overall, it isn’t always easy to tell when it’s time to move on, and there isn’t always a telltale sign. We hope these tips help you reflect on your career, and we hope you make a decision that will best improve yourself and your career.


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